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A Greek Feast

You know how sometimes you have a meal that strikes you as amazing and you think about it for weeks or months and can’t wait to return? And sometimes it just can’t live up to the hype in your mind…

But I’ve been raving about a dinner at Pylos in the East Village in New York City for almost a year so we went last week to celebrate our anniversary. Just as heavenly as the first time. My only complaint is that the appetizers are so good and so generous, we can’t make it to the main course. Here’s the Greek salad: Where do they get such real tasting tomatoes in May?

Next up was spanakopita (I never pass that up on a menu, any menu,–not quite as good as Santiago’s Bodega in Key West but very good) and then a tower of fried eggplant and zucchini slices with a delicious cucumber yogurt dip. And that was all we could fit because we had to leave room for dessert:  a pile of flaky pastries filled with warm cheese and doused in honey.

All simple but so good–a great way to celebrate nineteen years with an excellent man!


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  1. Brenda Buchanan said:

    Yesterday was our sixth anniversary and we celebrated at Trattoria Athena in Brunswick, Maine, where the owners’ heritage is Greek and Italian. Happily, the menu allows mixing and matching dishes from those wonderful culinary traditions.

    We shared the special salad, which was magnificent: baby lettuce, spinach, asparagus, pine nuts and pecorino tuscano dressed with a lemon vinagrette. We also shared an order of arancini — fried balls of risotto with mozzarella in the center.

    For dinner, my love chose the grilled lamb chops with roasted lemon potatoes. I had kalamaria, calamari stuffed with herbs and sauced lightly with avgolemono.

    Hayley Snow really should check this place out!

    Brenda B. in Maine


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