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A Tale of Two Quiches

What to serve for brunch when you’ve spent the morning away from the house (in this case, singing in the choir)? Quiche, of course. But since I don’t have a go-to recipe, I decided to try two. If one was a bust, surely the other would be edible–or better yet, delicious!

I chose a bacon and green chili recipe (on the left) with a ton of cheese and some green onion from I made the crust last night and baked for five minutes, plus fried the bacon, grated the cheese, chopped the scallions. Then once back from church, all I had to do was layer the ingredients and add the custard.

The second quiche (right) was a more elaborate vegetarian version I’d seen in the Baking Barrister’s blog. Again, I made and baked the crust last night–mostly butter, chives, and flour, patted into a springform pan. The filling consisted of roasted squash, sauteed leeks and spinach, and a package of Boursin cheese. Unfortunately, I jiggled the prebaked crust, which resulted in a hairline crack, which led to a leak in the oven, which led to lost filling and a smoky house. It still came out rich and delicious.

Our guests raved about them both, and had a hard time choosing a favorite. Which led to slim pickins for leftovers…


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