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Discussion Questions for An Appetite for Murder

The Killer Coffee Club that meets at the Barnes and Noble in Ithaca, New York, recently invited me to their book club (by Skype.) Their moderator, Nikki Bonanni, nudged me to develop some discussion questions for AN APPETITE FOR MURDER. These led to a lively session–so much fun to talk to folks who have read the book about their reactions!

Book Club meetings are some of my favorite events, so feel free to email me if you’d like to have me attend your group’s meeting! And here are some questions to start the ball rolling.

1. Setting is crucial in the Key West food critic mystery series. What
does Hayley Snow notice and/or appreciate about the town that
longer-term residents might not?

2.  Hayley left New Jersey to be with Chad Lutz rather impulsively.
Can you imagine doing what she did? What are the other factors that
played into this decision.

3. Food plays a huge role in Hayley’s life. Where did her love for
food and eating come from? What would you say is her relationship to

4. What would be the best and worst parts of being a food critic in real life?

5. Both Hayley and her mother believe in the power of tarot card
readings. How do you feel about fortune telling? Do you find her
reliance on Lorenzo believable?

6. Defining the reasons that an amateur sleuth gets involved with
solving a mystery (her stake) is always challenging. Talk about
Hayley’s stake in solving this murder. What will be challenges of
having her investigate future crimes in this series?


We'd love to hear yours!

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