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Thrilling Week

It’s been a thrilling week in Lucy Burdette’s world. First we had news that AN APPETITE FOR MURDER has gone back for a second printing, which means the first printing has sold well! Thanks to all of you who purchased a copy–and if you haven’t gotten around to it yet, more are on the way.

And we really enjoyed a couple of reviews this week–the first appeared in the Solares Hill section of the Key West Citizen this past Sunday.

And this is from a review by Phil Jason in the Florida Weekly: “Hayley is delightful. Exuberant and naive, rocking back and forth between bravado and insecurity,  excitable and given to motor-mouth nervousness, she’s a quick study who has a lot to learn. I’m sure that many readers will be happy to make her acquaintance.” It’s so much fun when a reader really understands what you’ve tried to do with a character!

And last but by no means least, “The Itinerary,” a short story (written as Roberta Isleib) taking place in Key West was nominated for an Agatha Award for best short story. This is terrific news and the story is in very good company with Krista Davis, Avery Aames, Dana Cameron, and Barb Goffman. The awards are given at the Malice Domestic Conference banquet on April 28 in Bethesda, MD.


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