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Road Signs

LUCY BURDETTE: I can’t resist one last travel blog–I swear I won’t become one of those boorish relations who shows interminable slides! But the road signs in Australia are so interesting–and graphic…

Drive on left in Australia.

never too old to try it! Even with hubby giving helpful tips

Kangaroo crossing.

We might have seen an endangered bandicoot, but he was too fast to capture on film.

We did however see an endangered tiger quoll

and then drank his beer to support his future

Wood hens on road. Mutton birds on road.

Endangered woodhen

We did see them both  but the mutton birds fly in at night to land on the beach and find their nests. We watched in awe!

They really mean it this time: Unstable cliffs you may fall and die

twelve apostles, great ocean road

Dangers everywhere.

Sometimes it’s better just to focus on the cute animals…

Nothing is quite ever what it seems–this one I just liked–true for life in general…

And here’s an article on the pros and cons of visiting Australia and New Zealand, with tips!

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  1. » Is a Trip to Australia or New Zealand on Your Bucket List? - Topretirements - February 10, 2015

    […] Driving (see disadvantages above). Add to those that the law is very strict. On some roads cameras will time you between 2 points. If your average speed through them was above the posted limit, not only will you get a whopping fine added to your car rental, but the rental firm will add a hefty penalty for their trouble. The same goes for going through a toll road without a tag or pass. Fortunately there aren’t many toll roads outside of Sydney or Melbourne, and you can buy a 1 day pass at many petrol stations, or online. For a fun look at Australian road signs check out this Blog. […]

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