Book Clubs

I love sharing the Key West mysteries with book groups. I’ve provided some questions to help get the discussion going. And if you want to serve snacks that fit the theme, I’ve suggested one for each book. For more food ideas, you’ll find recipes in the back of each book.

I wish I could travel the country meeting with book clubs—nothing is more fun than talking with readers! I would love to consider attending your group—either in person or in a free half-hour session online. Shoot me an email and we’ll discuss!

Here’s a blog post about a book group meeting/dinner based on the story and recipes in An Appetite for Murder

And here’s a very special note and photo from a group of high school girls in Germany:

“We are a class of 12 girls in our freshman year at Gymnasium Sylt, a high school which is located in the far north of Germany on the island of Sylt which is surrounded by the North Sea.

We read your book “An Appetite for Murder” in our English lessons (cf. the photo attached) with our English teacher, Mrs Detlefsen. To us it was a really enjoyable book because it is full of romance, action and crime. We particularly liked the Scene with Meredith pushing Hayley off the road and threatening her with a gun. Moreover, we love the different quotations you use, some are so true and fit perfectly.

Though we talked a lot about the characters, the setting and the plot, there are still some questions left we would be grateful for if you could answer them for us. For example, we would really like to know why Hayley just spills the beans about everything (e.g. with the Police) and why she fell in love with that arrogant Person of Chad.”