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Posted on January 22, 2016 - by


John and I are trying to make a commitment to cleaning out some of our “stuff.” Drawers crammed full of stuff. Closets filled with things I’ll never wear–you get the picture. So when our daughter was last home, I had her go through my tangle of jewelry to see if there was anything she’d like now or later, and also identify things she’d never, ever wear. Those I could turn over to the church white elephant sale.

Then I came across this and just had to share.

I must have gotten the charm bracelet at some point in my teens (note the sweet sixteen.) After that, my mother would give me a new charm for birthdays and Christmas. Multiple cats of course, since she and I were obsessed with a giant yellow tiger named Tigger, plus a German shepherd representing our dogs. You’ll see lots of gifts from the sea because we spent every summer either at the Jersey Shore or the Outer Banks, along with charms of places we’d lived.

I especially love the grand piano, though I was a dud as a student–the top lifts open, can you see? And if you can’t make it out, the one with the telephone says “if you’re ever in trouble, here’s the price of a call.” And a dime fits in the slot! That’ll date you…

Did you ever do the charm bracelet thing? What special treasure still lives in your jewelry drawer?