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Marathon Library Talk with Barbara Ross

On February 24 at 4 pm, Barbara Ross and I will be talking at the Marathon Branch of the Monroe County Library. We write our series from the two ends of Route One–Key West and Maine!

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Hayley Snow: A Character’s Work is Never Done @LucyBurdette

by Hayley Snow from Lucy Burdette’s Key West food critic mysteries
As many of you know, MURDER WITH GANACHE was published last February. Hooray! I was very proud of my part in this book. We made it through spring break, a family reunion, and a wedding, and hardly anyone died. I don’t mean to joke about that because murder is a very serious thing and not one bit funny at all.

It’s just that we characters get a little slap-happy sometimes, you know? My writer and I threw a big launch party and visited some book clubs and went all over the world online. And we got some very good publicity too!

Isn’t this the coolest thing ever? It was featured in Woman’s World, the March 10 issue. Of course they didn’t mention me or Evinrude or Miss Gloria, but if the ladies who buy the magazine read the book, they’ll find out soon enough who’s who.

So you might think that I could rest on my laurels for a while–eat some good meals and write up a few easy reviews. But no, that’s not how this mystery business works. We’re on to the fifth Key West adventure–in fact it’s due out in December.

And I found some notes on my writer’s desk that made me very, very nervous. Things like: What would make Hayley’s life more difficult? What would test her physically, emotionally, morally? What might expose her deeper side to the world?

Good gravy, can a character not get a rest? What do you think, how worried should I be?

You can find Lucy Burdette’s Hayley Snow Key West mysteries wherever books are sold. Find out more about the books on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter.

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What’s In the Cards? @LucyBurdette


By Lorenzo the Tarot card reader from Lucy Burdette’s Key West Food Critic mysteries

I can’t tell you how often I get this question: Do you tell good fortunes or bad?

I hardly know how to answer, except to say: You draw the cards, and then you allow me to see what’s there. I simply tell you what I see. There’s no such thing as a bad card really, that’s what I try to explain.

Well, one exception maybe. The Tower. People hate to draw the Tower–it scares them, with flames licking and lightening bolts and people flinging themselves out of the building. Some kind of change is coming, that’s what it means.

And my poor friend Hayley Snow, she’s drawn that card more times than I can count. And it freaks her out every time. I’m not talking out of turn when I say that girl finds more trouble than anyone on this island.

But this is always my advice when I see something in her cards that she doesn’t like: There are two worlds, a world of fear and a world of love. And you get to choose which one you’ll live in. 

And second, if you don’t work through your pain, you don’t grow.

Have you had that happen in your life, where something awful leads to something good?

Lucy Burdette’s fourth Key West mystery, MURDER WITH GANACHE, is available wherever books are sold. Follow Lucy on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest

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Booksigning with writers from Mystery Lovers Kitchen

May 2, 4 pm

with Krista Davis, Avery Aames, Sheila Connolly, Peg Cochran, Victoria Abbott

Salt and Pepper Books

125 Mill St

Occoquan, VA

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Malice Domestic

A weekend celebration of the traditional mystery.

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Six Days on the Road

“And we’re gonna make it home tonight!” Remember that song? My friend Ross Hugo-Vidal played it for me on Twitter to celebrate the first week after launching AN APPETITE FOR MURDER. It feels like I’ve been on the road–but this time it’s the virtual highway:). Here’s some of the press APPETITE got over the past few days:

“The events were fast-paced and easy to follow.  The ending will be both surprising and satisfying....The author’s descriptions of life on a houseboat, friendly homeless drifters, beautiful flowers, and food that will have you snacking as you read add to the suspense.  Adults will enjoy this mystery; they may be tempted to try the recipes too.”

The evenly-paced story boasts a perfect backdrop that is Key West, delicious meals interwoven into the story and likable characters. I especially like Hayley who is funny, strong yet vulnerable and has a zest for living that made this well-written tale come to life. This is a fantastic beginning to a delectably entertaining series.  From Dru Ann Love

Article about APPETITE from Terry Ambrose, Crime Fiction Examiner:

“Bottom line: if you are a fan of cozy mysteries this is a series you can’t afford to miss out on! Highly recommended!”

“An Appetite for Murder by Lucy Burdette is a delightful cozy mystery, full of quirky characters and delicious food.” From Just another new blog:

Hope you all are enjoying the book–love to hear your comments!

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An Appetite for Murder–just a nibble!


Chapter One

“A hot dog or a truffle. Good is good.”  James Beard

Lots of people think they’d love to eat for a living. Me? I’d kill for it.

Which makes sense, coming from my family. FTD told my mother to say it with flowers, but she said it with food. Lost a pet? Your job? Your mind? Life always felt better with a serving of Mom’s braised short ribs or red velvet cake in your belly. In my family, we ate when happy or sad but especially, we ate when we were worried.

The brand new Key Zest magazine in Key West, Florida announced a month ago that they were hiring a food critic for their style section. Since my idea of heaven was eating at restaurants and talking about food, I’d do whatever it took to land the job. Whatever. But three review samples and a paragraph on my proposed style as their new food critic were due on Monday. Six days and counting. So far I had produced nothing. The big goose egg. Call me Hayley Catherine “Procrastination” Snow.

To be fair to me, some of the blockage could be traced to the fact that Kristen Faulkner—my ex’s new girlfriend and the woman whose cream sauce I’d most like to curdle—happened to be the co-owner of Key Zest. What if she judged the restaurants I chose impossibly lowbrow? What if she deleted my application packet the minute it hit her inbox? Or worst of all, what if I landed the job and had to rub shoulders with her every day?

My psychologist friend Eric had suggested ever-so-sweetly that it was time to quit thinking and start eating. Hence, I was hurrying along Olivia Street to meet him for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants on the island, Seven Fish. Of course, I’d left my roommate’s houseboat late because I couldn’t figure out what to wear. I winnowed it down to two outfits and asked Evinrude, my gray tiger cat, to choose. Black jeans and a form-fitting white T-shirt with my shin-high, butt-kicking, red cowgirl boots? Or the cute flowered sundress with a cabled hoodie? From his perch on the desk, the cat twitched his tail and said nothing. But I bet Kristen would never go for “cute.” I shimmied into the jeans, scrunched a teaspoon of hair product into my still-damp auburn curls, and set out at a fast clip.