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Hayley Snow on Summer Holidays


by Hayley Snow from Lucy Burdette’s Key West mystery series…

Hi all! Hayley Snow here. I am sure you are all busy with planning your Labor Day barbecues with red white and blue desserts and fireworks, but if you have a minute, I thought you might be interested in how we celebrate special summer weekends in Key West.

First of all, key limes are in season so of course there’s a Key Lime festival where Miss Key Lime is crowned and where my pal David Sloan makes the biggest Key Lime pie in the world. That guy is crazy, but you can join in the fun for a two dollar donation to defray the cost of the ingredients.

Miss Gloria and I are throwing a big dinner party tonight because everyone likes to watch the fireworks from Houseboat Row. Here’s the menu we came up with. Do you think we went a little crazy with the Key Lime theme?

We’ll start with the “Lucy Burdette” daiquiri, recipe courtesy of Susan Elia MacNeal

And then comes the Key Lime chicken because we don’t have room for a real grill on the boat. This recipe is soooo easy

And two kinds of Key Lime desserts, lime sponge cake and Key Lime parfaits…mmm, my mouth is watering….


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