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Posted on January 4, 2020 - by

Miss Gloria’s Happiness Boosts

LUCY BURDETTE: I want to chat today about little life tweaks that can give us a lift in an increasingly grim world. (I feel a little bit like Maria in the Sound of Music singing “My Favorite Things” during the thunderstorm, but that’s okay.) My best ideas come from Miss Gloria, Hayley’s roommate in the Key West mysteries. (I know, she’s not a real person—go figure.) Here’s something she says in THE KEY LIME CRIME as they’re learning to make pie:

Miss Gloria clapped her plastic-covered hands together. “I feel like we’re Lucy and Ethel in the chocolate shop, remember that episode in I love Lucy? I watch it once a week, along with the video about the cat who sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with his owner. With the world such a mess, it pays to find things that make you laugh.”

Naturally those two videos are ones I adore too. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched the singing cat. I’m pretty sure I’m in love with both the cat Sammy, and his owner: 

Of course, reading a great book gets me out of present world for a while too—I’m leaning toward not too dark these days. Yoga. I committed to myself to do more of this and I’ve found a teacher I love. 

Noticing little amazing things in nature and feeling full of awe can give me a boost too. Here’s one example. T-bone was helping me look at my email the other morning while I had coffee. The sun was streaming in the window, and highlighted his ear. Holy cow, look at the gorgeous, intricate pattern of veins!

Going to the movies more often helps too—we’ve seen WHERE’D YOU GO BERNADETTE, DOWNTON ABBEY,  PAVAROTTI, ROCKETMAN, and YESTERDAY. 

Another thing that helps is doing something to boost someone else’s spirits, like taking buttery corn muffins to a friend who’s undergoing chemotherapy.

What would you add to the list?

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Don’t be Afraid by Miss Gloria

(Every once in a while we invite the characters from the Key West mysteries to share a post. Today Hayley Snow’s roommate, Miss Gloria, has something to say…)

photo by Carol Tedesco

by Miss Gloria from the Lucy Burdette Key West food critic mysteries

I have a new job, did I mention that? Probably not, as I don’t remember things exactly the way I used to LOL. Anyway Key West has a beautiful, historical cemetery containing tons of fascinating stories of former islanders, and beautiful carved stones and crypts, too. So I’ve volunteered to be trained as a cemetery tour guide.

Photo by Carol Tedesco

My adorable roommate, food critic Hayley Snow, is not a fan of my new activity. Honestly? I think she’s terrified that all that death will rub off on me and I’ll and end up in one of those tombs instead of being on the outside telling their stories. But as I tell Hayley, we need to remind ourselves about our history, about the interesting people that came before us. We’ll want some little old ladies remembering us in the decades to come, won’t we?

Anyway, I’m not superstitious. And besides, often the people we should be afraid of are the live ones, not the dead. I should warn you we are bound to find some things in this cemetery that might not belong there.

You’ll be able to read all about that in our July book, FATAL RESERVATIONS. You can pre-order that story right here.

Photo by Carol Tedesco

What do you think about cemeteries? Do you love them or do they freak you out?

Lucy Burdette is the author of the Key West food critic mysteries. Follow her on Facebook or Twitter.