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Booksigning with writers from Mystery Lovers Kitchen

May 2, 4 pm

with Krista Davis, Avery Aames, Sheila Connolly, Peg Cochran, Victoria Abbott

Salt and Pepper Books

125 Mill St

Occoquan, VA

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Reviews and News

I’m delighted about the reviews that have been coming in for DEATH IN FOUR COURSES.

Here’s one from Phil Jason in the Florida Weekly: “I’ll say it unashamedly: “Death in Four Courses” is mouthwatering. Hay- ley Snow is delicious. This humor- seasoned food for thought will tickle your mental taste buds.”

And from Booklist: “This enjoyable mystery series, with its attractive tropical setting, is also seasoned by the appealing characters and meals. The novel, done in the style of the Joanne Fluke series, is sure to attract food-fiction fans and will also appeal to Key West readers, although the combination of the two here is unique.” Booklist

And from Story Circle Book Reviews: “By the second book, Hayley has settled into her role more, though we rarely see her at her computer and we agonize with her over looming deadlines. Then magically she turns in that stunning article. Would that it were that way in real life. Still Hayley and the series show growth, and I’m eagerly looking forward to Topped Chef, next up in the Hayley Snow series.

From Shirrel Rhoades in the Key West Citizen: “The Food Critic series may feature Key West cuisine but I’d compare these tasty books to Chinese food: After reading one, in a half hour you’ll be wanting to read another.”

And I have new recipes up on Mystery Lovers Kitchen–fried okra from me, and recipes for roach poison and cough remedy from my grandmother’s recipe box: here’s a photo of the recipe for poison, in my grandmother’s handwriting. I can’t help saying that the handwriting was on the wall that I’d become a mystery writer–way back in my gene pool:).

And here’s Screw the Roux stew, which is one of the dishes Hayley makes in DEATH IN FOUR COURSES. I guarantee this will turn out to be a family favorite.

And last but not least, Back to School Hotdog Casserole: (embarrassing to admit, but this one actually appeared in a cookbook!)

As always, happy reading and I will so appreciate anything you do to help spread the word about the food critic mysteries!

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I can’t wait for Tuesday when DEATH IN FOUR COURSES will be in stores and out on shelves! Because of the Labor Day weekend, I’m launching the book today on Jungle Red Writers. I’ve told the story behind the story of the book–and we have a contest running!  Do leave a comment so your name will be placed into the drawing…if you’re thinking you’ll buy the book, remember that pre-orders make a huge difference when decisions are made about continuing a series-so thank you in advance!

I’ve posted discussion questions for DEATH IN FOUR COURSES right here:  If your book group would like to read this book as one of your selections, let me know-I’d be delighted to send out a batch of signed bookmarks. Or meet with you by Skype!

And because chocolate goes so well with reading, my namesake Lucille Burdette’s easy chocolate cake recipe can be found right here on MYSTERY LOVERS KITCHEN!

The book launch party for DIFC will be held at RJ Julia Booksellers in Madison CT. If you’re in the area, I would love to see you there. There’s no charge but you can click here to reserve your seat.

Here’s an article about the new book from our local Connecticut paper, The Source:

And last but not least, I enjoyed writing this post for Lois Winston on my evolution as a culinary mystery writer. You might get a kick out of it too!

More coming soon! Love, Lucy

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Lucy’s Recipe Round-Up

I realized that since joining the wonderful mystery writer/recipe blog Mystery Lovers Kitchen, I’ve been lax about posting recipes to this blog. But I have been cooking–and eating–so here I’ve gathered a few of my favorites.

Good for anything granola–I call it that because I’ve served it everywhere from a wedding brunch to a sailboat and it’s always popular!

I served these scalloped potatoes at our bi-monthly supper club–they were rated swoonworthy, even if not on anyone’s diet.

These stuffed mushrooms are an oldie but goodie–an easy appetizer that’s a step up from cheese and crackers.

My mother-in-law loves these stuffed peppers. In fact the whole family does too!

When we go out to an Italian restaurant, guaranteed either my husband or I will order the broccoli rabe. Here’s my version–easy and good for a family supper.

Don’t forget this strawberry-rhubarb coffee cake–it’s one of the recipes coming in DEATH IN FOUR COURSES–September!

I’m a huge sucker for sesame noodles, but this recipe is my favorite outside of what you get in a Chinese restaurant.

I know it’s not exactly pea soup season, but bookmark this for the fall–pea soup and cornbread, couldn’t be better on a cold night!


New recipes are posted every day of the week on Mystery Lovers Kitchen, from my fellow writers Krista Davis, Avery Aames, Ellery Adams, Cleo Coyle, Sheila Connolly, Wendy Watson, and Peg Cochran, plus lots of guests too. Please stop by! And we’ve got less than two months to go before the publication of DEATH IN FOUR COURSES! If you haven’t already, I’d love to have you follow me on Twitter, or facebook, or Pinterest.