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Posted on March 29, 2011 - by

Being Rick Worth

One of the goals I had for this winter was to try something completely new–like a painting class.  My grandmother (the original Lucille Burdette) was an amateur oil painter–we have several of her works hanging in our house. In Key West, a guy called Rick Worth has been a fixture on the arts scene for twenty-five years. He is perhaps most well known for painting designs on cars, which are then called “conch cars.” And one of these cars makes a cameo appearance in A TASTE FOR MURDER.

So I decided to sign up for the February session of Rick Worth’s Painting Boot Camp at the Studios of Key West. I was nervous. I can assure you that I’ve shown no sign of artistic talent in my life so far.

About 30 of us were given five colors of latex house paint and two brushes and he explained how to lay out the first block of color and fill in from there. After two and a half hours, we all came out with some semblance of the study he painted. His painting is below. And mine underneath that. My husband, anyway, was very impressed.