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Most Popular Writing Links at Jungle Red Writers

LUCY BURDETTE: One of the disadvantages of writing a daily group blog like JUNGLE RED WRITERS is that perfectly good posts mostly disappear into the ether after the day (or week) they are posted. And last I checked, our blog had posted 2724 blogs on the site–kind of mind-boggling, right? So I thought you might enjoy a round-up of some of our most popular posts about writing—feel free to share! Remember that there is often some great info in the comments section, too.
The Agony of Writing by the Jungle Red Writers: The reds admit to their panic mid-book and offer tips about how to keep going.

Are You Branded? By Chris Tieri, who explains the importance of understanding your reading audience–and your books. And PS, Chris will be the Friday keynote speaker at the New England Crimebake this year.

How to Write Fast by Peter Andrews, who shares his tips about writing faster…

Title Clinic by Elizabeth Lyon: The secret to choosing a great book title

EJ Copperman on the Best Writing Advice You’ll never Get

And Our Own Hallie Ephron on Juggling Timelines

And another brilliant article from Elizabeth Lyon on WritingSubtext

Tips on Productivity by prolific writer Edith Maxwell

Literary Agent Paula Munier on Plot Perfect: how to build a great story scene by scene

Literary Agent Victoria Skurnick on Top 10 No-no’s for Submissions 
And strictly for fun, because writers and readers need to eat, here’s a post I wrote on how to find good food almost anywhere.

Eight Rules for Finding Decent Food Almost Anywhere by Lucy Burdette


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Thank Heavens for Fans by Lucy Burdette

People have funny ideas about the life of a writer–imagining clamoring throngs of readers, enormous checks, and movie deals. But like many writers, I call myself “midlist.” That means I’m delighted to have a contract for sure, but still toil away in the trenches, hoping to spread the word about my books. So honestly every fan is a big deal. And a fan who works at a bookstore? Fabulous! Thought you might enjoy this story by email about a fan/clerk at the Barnes and Noble bookstore in Milford, CT.

April 22:

Dear Ms. Burdette: I have some interesting news for you concerning the Key West Food Critic series. At my store, the employees each chose a book that they think they can sell 100 copies of. It’s called the 100 club. I chose “An Appetite for Murder” and so far, I’ve sold 37 copies. Who says you can’t profit from murder? CP

July 2:
Dear Ms. Burdette: Just wanted to keep you updated on the staff recommends 100 club at Barnes and Noble in Milford,CT. I am very guilty of sales with Hayley’s first book “An Appetite for Murder,” which is up to 81 copies sold. CP

August 12, from Community Relations Manager Karen Dydzuhn:

Charles Pigaty, one of my co-workers, is a huge fan of yours! I’m sure you know he hand-sold more than 100 copies of one of your books! At his urging, I am writing to ask if we could schedule a time for you to do a book talk and signing at our store.

September 18, at the bookstore:

LUCY: The photo at left is from the September 18 celebration and signing, where the BN district manager presented a certificate of congrats to Charles for selling over 130 copies of An Appetite for Murder.  (From left to right, Patrick Thornton, Charles Pignaty, Lucy Burdette)

Who says fans aren’t important? You guys are the ones who give meaning to what we write. Thank you Charles and Karen and Patrick and every one of you for every bit of support! xo Lucy